Wyatt Technical Services, LLC
An independent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consulting firm that specializes in product design, troubleshooting and training services for commercial and industrial manufacturers with global distribution in the consumer, computer, network & telecommunications, industrial and scientific industries.


Training Services - we specialize in training - from the basics of EMC design, to more advanced circuit and layout design. We have training modules for circuit designers, systems & mechanical engineers and circuit board layout specialists. We endeavor to make EMC design & compliance easy!

EMC Design Reviews - We can review your schematics, circuit board layout, layer stack-up, system & mechanical design prior to prototype build.

Pre-Compliance Testing - This service may be performed throughout your design cycle - from board level to breadboard and pre-production systems. You’ll have a good idea whether your product is ready to pass prior to qualification testing.

EMC Compliance Testing - We utilize the best EMC test labs nearest your facility and can work directly with their test engineers and your design staff to ensure as smooth a compliance experience as possible.


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